Debt Collection and Foreclosures

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Are you frustrated with unpaid debts? Do you need to recover an asset? Is there a charging order in your hands? Do you wish to sell or buy a foreclosed property?

Lund Elmer Sandager will take the cumbersome tasks off your hands. We have a track record of success in compliance and collection of outstanding debts – in or out of court. We handle a variety of transactional, regulatory, litigation, dispute resolution and enforcement matters involving first-party and third-party collections. We even have our exclusive IT system that ensures streamlined and cost-efficient processes where you can monitor your case 24/7.

We know that time is of the essence, therefore, our advisory services are efficient and actionable. We work with both creditors and debtors, assessing credit contracts, and advising on debt settlement or consolidation.

Our combination of foreclosure experience, efficiency, and value makes Lund Elmer Sandager the first choice as advisors for all manner of creditors, including banks and other financial institutions, large corporations, small businesses and private individuals.

Scroll down for specific debt collection, recovery and foreclosure services which we can assist you with. We know how to get right to the core of the situation; therefore, we can find the best solution as quickly as possible so clients can simply and quickly get back to business.