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Dispute resolution without trial 

If you are in the middle of a dispute that could potentially end up in court, it is possible instead to choose mediation with an educated mediator and resolve the dispute through peaceful collaboration.

Mediation/dispute resolution is an informal and voluntary model where a mediator works as a neutral and impartial facilitator of the mediation process.

The starting point of mediation is that the parties are the ones most capable of finding a constructive solution to their dispute. The mediator controls the process and leads the parties – through dialogue – to seek common solutions. 

With mediation you get qualified help to settle a dispute, and through negotiation find the solution that is best for you – without having to spend money and energy on going through a legal process.  

Mediation is always voluntary for both parties and will be broken off if one of the parties does not wish to continue. Therefore, you are not bound to continue if it is not in your interests.

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